USG People (of which Technicum is a part) will use the temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Job Retention (NOW)

USG People (of which Technicum is a part) will use the temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Job Retention (NOW)

USG People is picking up the gauntlet by using the NOW and is thus fulfilling NOW’s intentions. “In our role of ‘director to work’, we would like to play an active role in getting the economy back on track, especially if the need for workers picks up momentum once this crisis is over. In this way we can quickly reconnect our people to our clients, which is important to get the labor market and economy running smoothly again, ”says Adriaan Belonje, CEO of USG People Netherlands.

He continues: “We are responding to the cabinet’s call and do so in the confidence that the government will respond to the industry’s call to improve the NOW scheme. USG People is urging the government to at least open the NOW scheme to all temporary employment agencies and to remove the barriers that exist. That is the only way to be able to offer all flex workers in the Netherlands the prospect of job retention and to enable temporary employment agencies to fulfill their important role for the labor market. ”

Why would you choose an employment agency?
1. No recruitment and selection
By outsourcing recruitment and selection you save time and money. Temporary employment agencies know the market and know where to find the right candidates. Recruiters and consultants also know what questions to ask in order to select the suitable candidates.

2. Flexibility
A temporary employment contract is characterized by its flexible nature. Ideal for replacement during illness, peak periods or projects, for example.

3. Less risks
The temporary employment agency is a formal employer and is also responsible for correct payments, timely wages, absenteeism and various administrative obligations, such as employment contracts. Temporary employment agencies with an SNA quality mark limit thehiring and chain liability for your organization.

4. Guidance and development
A contact person of the employment agency often remains connected with regard to the guidance of a temporary worker. They can also provide job-oriented courses or training for the temporary worker.