Lottery Sambad Result Today 8PM Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad Result Today 8PM Lottery Sambad: Lottery Sambad Result of Dear Evening / Night 8:00 PM Live on Nagaland State Lottery.Dear Lottery

Lottery Sambad Result Today 8PM Lottery Sambad

  • Dear Evening 8:00 PM Tickets

    DayTicket Name
    MondayDear Finch Monday Weekly
    TuesdayDear Goose Tuesday Weekly
    WednesdayDear Pelican Wednesday Weekly
    ThursdayDear Sandpiper Thursday Weekly
    FridayDear Seagull Friday Weekly
    SaturdayDear Stork Saturday Weekly
    SundayDear Toucan Sunday Weekly

    Dear Evening 8:00 PM Prize

    RankNo. of PrizesPrize Amount (in ₹)Super Prize Amount (in ₹)

    Lottery Sambad Result at 8:00 PM: Latest Updates

    The Lottery Sambad Result at 8:00 PM is an eagerly anticipated event for lottery enthusiasts across the region. With its regular draws and enticing prizes, this lottery has gained immense popularity. Here’s an insightful overview of this evening’s draw and what players can expect.

    Understanding the Lottery Sambad:

    The Lottery Sambad is a government-run initiative that offers multiple draws daily, providing participants with opportunities to win substantial prizes. The 8:00 PM draw is one of the highlights, attracting a significant number of hopeful participants aiming to test their luck.

    Stay Updated with the Latest Lottery Sambad Results:

    For individuals keen on staying informed about the Lottery Sambad Result at 8:00 PM, accessing the updated outcomes is crucial. These results not only announce the winners but also contribute to the transparency of the lottery system.

    Prize Structures and Winning Chances:

    The 8:00 PM Lottery Sambad boasts a diverse range of prizes, appealing to various categories of players. From smaller cash rewards to substantial jackpot amounts, the draw offers enticing possibilities. Understanding the prize structures and odds enhances participants’ knowledge about potential winnings.

    How to Check the Lottery Sambad Results:

    Checking the Lottery Sambad Result at 8:00 PM is simple and convenient. Players can find the results on official government websites, authorized lottery dealers, or through various online platforms dedicated to lottery updates. These platforms ensure timely dissemination of accurate results.


    The Lottery Sambad Result at 8:00 PM continues to captivate the attention of lottery enthusiasts with its thrilling draws and promising prizes. Staying informed about the latest outcomes and prize structures is crucial for avid players aiming to try their luck and potentially secure a win in this exciting lottery draw.